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Tatyana Marinova
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Questers

At Questers we provide end-to-end solutions for a full integration of distributed software development teams. 

We are an IT resourcing technology park providing a full range of services to companies helping them to build and run fully dedicated teams in Eastern Europe. We allow businesses to easily expand their expert resource base and increase productivity.

Since 2007 we have been redefining how companies attract and integrate long term strategic tech resource. Our persistent focus on remote software collaboration and integration in various industries over the last 12 years, has made Questers a leader in accelerated growth of dedicated nearshore tech hubs.

We achieve this by establishing core units for more than 80 businesses across the UK, EU and the United States to execute on their strategic expansion and many of those we span-out into client-controlled subsidiaries.

Through these partnerships, we have unlocked thousands of high-quality career opportunities and employed more than 1000 engineers creating a strong reputation in the region and an alumni network of professionals, still closely engaged with Questers and our clients.

A few examples of successful collaborations 

Following refinement of their roll-out plan, Ocado Technology (the technology arm of the UK online supermarket Ocado) contracted with Questers in 2014 to create a team focused on robotics, embedded systems and machine learning.

Ocado’s approach was to appoint a dedicated country manager from their UK HQ with a mission to work with Questers to establish the Ocado Technology brand in Sofia. This emphasis on culture, enabled them to bring the Sofia activity in line with their other locations, instilling common company values.

During the second half of 2017, with a team of substantial size already operating for over a year, Questers and Ocado Technology created a project roadmap that resulted in a successful spin-out of over 50 Engineers during 2018 without disrupting the rapid growth of the Sofia hub.

Another strategic and still on-going BOT project is the establishment of a tech team to support the digital transformation of News UK – the group behind some of the most powerful media brands in the English-speaking world, such as The Times, The Sun and The Sunday Times.

The operation kicked off in late 2018 and the team is now reaching 20+ engineers with the appetite to grow to more than 60 by the end of 2019. The team looks after key parts of the digital edition of The Times and other media products owned by News UK. For this partnership Questers designated a team of HR and Performance experts and a tech recruitment team to fulfill the requirements. This project is still ongoing.

Our way of doing business 

Transparency and openness run through all aspects of our partnerships – from strategic planning through operations, finance, legal, HR and recruitment; evaluation and forecasting. We run a ‘subsidiary-like’ tech park environment and based on the specifics of the requirements we build a white-label process for every client aligning internal practices in the context of the environment we operate in. Thus, we also build strong brand awareness and establish a presence on a highly competitive labour market, leveraging on our recognised name and capacity to accelerate tech teams’ growth.

The businesses we have supported

Over the years we have supported dozens of clients helping them build and grow tech divisions in Eastern Europe. Among these are Funding Circle, Ocado Technology, News UK, Accenture Strategy, Isobar/eCommera, Daily Mail Group, Logitech, Version1, MIRACL, Schonfeld, SeatGeek, PremFina and many more.

Looking to expand your team or have a potential lead for us?

We are always up for new opportunities, so please get in touch with Tatyana Marinova (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer) at or simply give us a call on +44 207 030 3762.

Tatyana Marinova
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Questers