Activating Technology-Led Innovation

We are creating a pan European services company synonymous with technology led innovation known for delivering client success across key emerging technologies.


Using customer-centered insight in the design and creation of digital products and services centered on the needs of the people that use them. Helping organisations plan and improve the experience of their customers and initiating the projects and programmes that will transform this at scale.

Enhancing digital experiences at National Trust

National Trust

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Enabling intelligent business through helping organisations to gather, analyse, interpret and make decisions based on data. From straightforward business intelligence and management information through to machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Accelerating growth at regional bank

Regional Bank

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Partnering with organisations to help them increase their digital maturity and become truly digital businesses. This can involve the replacement of large platforms, the introduction of new working methodologies and the complete reinvention of products services and business models. The Panoply may help organisations with aspects of their transformation or partner with them for aspects of it.

Driving digital transformation at DVLA


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The Panoply’s automation services seek to enable business growth through the use of data in marketing to enable automated decision-making for communications and to drive efficiency through the mapping and automating of existing processes. In marketing, automation technology is used to interpret large volumes of data and deliver highly targeted communications across multiple channels, mapping data to customer segments based on previous interactions. Complex multi-faceted journeys can be managed through mapping the customer experience and linking this to these automated journeys. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) existing business processes can be automated using a digital workforce freeing up staff from highly repetitive tasks.

Expanding Ocado’s culture of innovation

Ocado Technology

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Providing access to the talent, platforms and methodologies that allow organisations to scale innovation and realise efficiency, repeatability and reliability in their core operations. Underpinned by several key technology partnerships such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Digital Experience Management with Acquia.

Advancing content personalisation at BBC


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