Powered By Purpose

Helping people and organisations to successfully navigate the fourth industrial revolution

We’re in an era of unprecedented change where the very fabric of society is being challenged. 

From climate change to social mobility, to mass automation, we want to do the right thing for people, our communities and our environment.


As change occurs its important to have a multitude of voices at the table, to avoid issues such as unconscious bias. As a consequence we support people from a broad range of backgrounds to become part of our industry.
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The environmental impact of the fourth industrial revolution has been vastly underestimated. With a carbon footprint today equaling the aviation industry, we want to raise awareness of this and work with our industry to minimise its impact.
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During periods of upheaval, communities face the threat of being left behind, we want to ensure those communities thrive and have a meaningful stake in the future.
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Our Values


We set out to create a culture of entrepreneurialism where everyone’s voice is equal. New ideas can (and do) come from anyone within the group, and we provide the tools to make them happen. It’s an approach that keeps us constantly innovating, and delivering transformative work for our clients.


We’re tireless in our pursuit of new ways to look at old problems (and old ways to look at new ones). We explore new paths, look around corners, and delight in finding elegant, simple solutions to complex problems – always asking, “is there a better way”?


Egos are needed, and let us take pride in our work. But they have their place, and that usually means leaving them at the door. Our success comes from doing the right thing – collectively as a group, and as individuals. Which also means admitting when we’re wrong, and learning from the experience.


We don’t jump to conclusions or see the world in black and white. We’re socially conscious and do the right thing wherever possible. This means decision-making is driven by the collective needs of stakeholders: fair, measured and mindful, but with conviction and purpose.

Purpose in action

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