New hires expand capabilities at Notbinary


Rhys Sharpe, Matt Jukes, Honor Paddock, Neil McEvoy and Stuart Grainger join NotBinary, expanding our capabilities and improving our ability to help our great institutions survive and thrive in the digital economy.

I am pleasantly surprised and excited about the team that is forming in our newish digital services and technology business. I would have said startup, but we’ve pretty much missed that bit out and are already into scale-up mode, making the need for great talent even more acute. In our gig, scaling is harder than starting.

Rhys Sharpe joins us as Technology Director

From technology to sales roles, and founding a smart-tech business in between, Rhys has the perfect mix of modern skills. He’s been a public cloud evangelist for years and is fully signed up to our mission. I know that because we first got to know each other on the G-Cloud program back in 2010. I learnt a lot from him and have watched since as he’s tirelessly invested time, money and brain power into developing, and contributing to, the UK Digital Economy. Among other things, Rhys has been CTO and co-founder of Fedr8, Board Member at EuroCloud UK, Advisor to the Board of Web Technology Group and Head of Cloud for Trust Marque.

Honor Paddock is our new Chief Marketing Officer

Honor has a perfect, but rare, marketing background for Notbinary. She has held senior positions both in a technology product business and also in one of the world’s leading Human Capital and Recruitment companies. I have long felt that marketers should be thinking at least as much about how you present yourself to potential talent as to clients. The former generally will look after the latter. Honor has the right mindset and background to take that forward for Notbinary. Previously, she was Client Success Director at Hobsons and Head of Marketing for Adecco Group.

Stuart Grainger has joined us as a Technical Architect

Though the title TA really underplays the massive impact Stuart had in modernising policing through the development of the Red Sigma platform at Durham Police. Using cloud based CRM, open source technology and digital techniques to open up data and improve experience is in our DNA – and it turns out in Stuart’s too. Stuart is passionate about Microsoft and Open Source and has been involved with .NET from Beta in 2001. Prior to Durham Police, Stuart worked in technical roles at British Airways and in local government.

Matt Jukes joins as Product Manager

We worked with Matt for a number of years at our previous company. He was very much the brains and energy behind the beautiful and hugely efficacious ONS website and publishing platform. It’s rare to meet people who genuinely share the same desire to use digital to transform public services, and who have the scars from doing just that on the ground. Doing, not just talking. Matt ticks all those boxes as well as being a top-notch product manager and a fab writer. Matt joins us from and will continue to work with the significant and growing client base we have in the South West and Wales.

Neil McEvoy is our new MD, Scotland

Neil and I have been talking and ranting about various digital, cloud things via Linkedin for some time now. Alas, he was based in Canada. Once he said he was moving back to Scotland we had to take the opportunity to bring him into Notbinary. Neil has 20 years’ experience of international, entrepreneurial business building based on early adoption of cloud. Neil’s career highlights include pioneering the first enterprise-class web hosting businesses, developing a joint venture with Microsoft to launch one of Europe’s early pure play ASPs, and founding the Cloud Best Practice Network in Canada. Neil is our MD in Scotland and we are really exiting about contributing to the Scottish Government’s vision to be a Digital Leader by 2020.

New faces, same mission

All of the above are joining to support our mission. We fret about the preparedness and capability of some of our great institutions – public and private – to survive and thrive in the digital economy. We admire much about the Googles and the Netflixes of the world, but we want a plural economy. A successful economy that is appropriately regulated and contributes back in the places where its key actors make money. Definitely not a digital economy that allows a few, admittedly very clever companies, to exploit the monopolistic potential of network effects. We bring together the best ideas, people and platforms to make our small contribution to this brighter, more diverse digital future. Having a mission makes it all the more exciting when people join, especially when you know they will give everything to contribute to that mission.