The Panoply

Empowering positive, sustainable digital transformation

We help brave clients harness key emerging technologies to drive growth, reimagine the way they work, and create products and services that improve the lives of their customers and wider society.

“Solving 21st-century problems with 21st-century solutions”

Neal Gandhi, CEO

Murmuration of Starlings

One of Britain’s most remarkable wildlife spectacles is the murmuration of starlings - a mesmerising aerial dance performed by flocks of up to a million or more individual birds, wheeling and darting through the sky at dawn or dusk. Each bird is autonomous, yet the murmuration moves as one.

Operating Model

Our operating model aims to replicate the same agility as a murmuration of starlings: independent companies in a tight formation, acting as one, moving in together in real time, unencumbered by slow, bureaucratic command-and-control structures.

Our key strengths 

Under The Panoply’s unique, ‘murmuration of starlings’ model, companies are left to operate autonomously. They retain their creativity and entrepreneurialism yet are highly focused on collaborating to secure bigger deals from larger clients.

These clients enjoy the speed and agility that comes from working with entrepreneurial teams yet gain comfort from the combined scale and listed status of the group.

Decentralised operating model 

This allows for considerable agility while minimising business administration overhead. Governance, guidance and oversight is provided by a non-executive director appointed to the board of each group company.

The organisational strategy is supported by a matching information strategy: central systems should be lightweight, easy to adapt and standards based. They should be easy to use and be easy for a business to integrate with their platforms of choice – negating the need for complex and expensive group-wide implementation of software.

The benefits are better outcomes, faster execution and lower cost for higher quality work.

Significant market opportunity

Independent research house, International Data Corporation (IDC), estimates that the market for digital transformation services in EMEA will rise from $45 billion in 2017 to $82 billion by 2021.

Group platform

The Panoply provides a platform for group companies to accelerate their organic growth through cross-selling, and by leveraging The Panoply brand, network, listed status and balance sheet.

Alignment of interests

The Panoply’s Acquisition Formula involves a significant proportion of the consideration for an acquisition being issued in Ordinary Shares thereby ensuring alignment of interests with existing shareholders.

Profitable and cash-generative

The Panoply Group is profitable, cash-generative and debt-free, and only intends to make accretive acquisitions going-forward. 

Focused growth strategy 

The Panoply’s Acquisition Formula is designed to attract ambitious companies, confident in their ability to grow profitably. It rewards cross-selling and collaboration. The Panoply’s management has an extensive network to help identify, attract and execute future acquisitions.

Experienced Management and Board with proven track record

The Panoply is managed by highly experienced executive and non-executive directors combining strong sector, public company and international mergers and acquisitions expertise with a track record of building, growing and exiting services companies.

Non-Financial KPI’s

  • To increase representation of people from BME backgrounds to 20%
  • To increase female representation in senior roles to 37% and increase female representation of board directors to 30%
  • To increase representation of those from less privileged class backgrounds to 24%
  • To increase representation of those with a disability to 5%