The Company has 48,907,544 Ordinary Shares in issue. 81% of The Panoply AIM securities are not in public hands.

Note: The securities of The Panoply are listed and traded on the LSE AIM. They are not admitted or traded on any other exchanges.

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. Further details are set out on page 33 of the Admission Document.

Significant Shareholders

NameNumber of Ordinary SharesPercentage Shareholding (%)
Neal Gandhi9,786,88420.01
Oliver Rigby5,124,93010.48
Dominic Campbell3,446,0147.05
Octopus Investments plc 2,205,7554.51
Curtis Fox 2,050,5704.19
James Bowes2,050,5704.19
Simon Bates 2,050,5704.19
Livingbridge VC LLP1,682,0003.44
Rathbone Investment Management1,673,0003.42
CP Plus1,625,9223.32
Alexander Drangazhov1,376,5982.81
James Herbert1,259,8592.58
Sacha Rook 1,259,8592.58

Page updated 12 June 2019