Tim Deeson talks about the GreenShoot Labs offering and the capabilities that they bring to the group


Tim Deeson talks about the GreenShoot Labs offering and capabilities

At GreenShoot Labs, we help organisations innovate with artificial intelligence and data, particularly with conversational interfaces like chatbots and voice assistants. The agency is a spin-off from Deeson, building on the PhD studies and industry experience of co-founder, Ronald Ashri.

Our work ranges from creating strategies to help organisations leverage AI and data better, to designing and building solutions that have a strong AI component such as natural language processing or sentiment analysis.

An early client of ours is BDO Switzerland, we helped them design a platform to help their auditors collaborate with their audit clients more effectively, including an AI-powered audit virtual assistant who can answer simple questions.

The Cyber Helpline are non-profit client who help victims of cyber crime. Expertise is expensive and short supply in this area, the solution we created allows victims to get free advice 24/7 and is currently being tested by police forces across the UK.

We are also the creators of OpenDialog, an open-source conversation management platform that enables organisations to deliver large scale conversational applications – through a solution that gives them control their data and the ability to adapt to their needs.

We’re really keen to share our knowledge and collaborate with other group companies, we’ve found that we can often add value as subject matter experts as part of wider programme of work.

If you think we can help you please get in touch.