A day in the life – Diana Hau

Diana Hau - Group Finance Director

Diana Hau
Group Finance Director - The Panoply

What are you currently working on?

The key thing that always keeps me busy this time of year is preparing the team for the year end! Additionally, as our year end coincides with the tax year end, new legislation tends to be enacted by the Government at this time. This year, the focus is on IR35 compliance.

Other items that I am currently looking at is the future finance operating model. Thinking about ways to improve internal processes to make things easier for businesses to operate without the noise of internal processes.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

The biggest challenge is the amount of change that is going on and therefore the juggling of tasks and priorities – but that is also what makes the job interesting!

What would you say are three key attributes required for the role?

Being able to adapt to change, being organised and teamwork.

What most excites you about your role, what gets you up in the morning?

I enjoy the variety of activities involved in the role. I like the fact that we are a growing company and with that comes a lot of opportunities for change and improvement.

What are you currently reading, can you recommend anything?

I love reading, but I haven’t managed to pick up a book in a while! The only reading that I get at the moment is reviewing my 6 year old’s homework at the end of the day. Usually it is about dinosaurs or sharks.

Cats or dogs?
I love both, but I would love a dog once I have the space for one.


Diana Hau
Group Finance Director - The Panoply